SHCo Birthday Hop

Hi everyone, it’s SHCo’s 5th birthday bash and we have a fabulous 60% off storewide sale for you, NEW products and lots of CU goodness for free Smile


Enjoy the sale in my shop this week.

I also have a new pack of ribbons in store, also 60% off.

Are you ready to add some fab CU freebies to your designer stash!


Have a great weekend!

Lou x

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$1 Deals, Grab Bags, Freebies & Sales

I have LOTS to show and tell today.. Grab a cuppa, I’ll provide the cake!

Firstly, it’s the Christmas in July event at The Studio!

All Christmas goodies are 50% off this month!

We are hosting lots of fun challenges in the forum, so please come along and play!

I’m hosting a ‘Gift Tag Challenge’ come and join me and decorate some tags, digitally or hybrid style!

I’ve even got some templates for you.


Add the preview pages to our gallery and you will receive these pretty tags from me.


I’ve added 3 delicious CU Grab Bags to my SugarHillCo store today. These are all a bargain at only $6 each and available until Thursday 23rd July.

Romantique Grab Bag, created by Vero and myself is full of beautiful soft elements that will not only make the perfect designer tool but will also make for a great PU stash too!


Birthday Grab Bag is wrapped up with lots of fun birthday goodies is created by Wendy P designs and myself..


Grab Bag 6 x 6 by Laitha Designs and myself, has just a hint of vintage!


Here’s a CU Freebie for you, a delicate, layered paper template. Please read my TOU to check it’s restrictions


Now… did someone say CAKE! oh yes, me.. earlier, I did say I’ll provide the cake.

Candles and Cake in fact! and this is my Pickleberrypop Pickle Barrel $1 deal this month.

This colorful birthday collection is perfect for everyone from baby to grandpa. There are plenty of hand drawn doodles from cakes to candles to balloons and stars. Beautiful Birthday ribbons, gift bows, flowers and so much more to help you decorate your birthday photo’s.

The $1 deal closes on the eve of Monday 20th July.







Buy ALL 6 and You can get Element Pack 2 absolutely FREE : included in the download!

PickleBarrelTemp 6-Pack

***FREE** with purchase


Here’s a little CT inspiration for you..



by Lisa (1)


by Lisa (2)


by Vick


By Robyn (1)


by Robyn (2)


By Tammy


By Jenni



and by me…

and I’ve also made a frame cluster freebie for you!


Enjoy your weekend everyone

Lou x

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CU Grab Bag Bonanza








Once a year at Digital Scrapbooking studio they have a CU Grab Bag Gala, I get to collab with some of my friends and fellow designers on this deal!
*Please Note* these grab bags will be on sale in my SugarHillCo store from Weds 15th July :0)
I have three grab bags to show you!
The first is with Vero.  Romantique Grab Bag

The bags full value is $35.46 and it’s yours for $6.00. It’s beautiful and so delicate.
Here are all the main previews.


The second bag for you is themed around birthdays, and I have joined Wendy P Designs for this bag. 
CU Grab Bag : Birthday

6 full sized new products and a pack of birthday doodles for free! The total value of this bag is $35.00, you can have this bag for only $6 for a limited time.

The third and last bag I have to show off is between myself and Laitha Designs. This bag has 6 very versatile products with a full value of xxxx and again it’s only $6.00!
CU Grab Bag 6×6

Here’s a little CU freebie for you :)

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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*NEW* $1 Mini Kit

Occasionally, you get the most amazing bargain ever!! and today is no exception. Surf, Sand and the 4th is the Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s  $1 coordinated collection, I have only made one pack, but it is most definitely worth having.
My (not so) Mini Kit : Surf, Sand and the 4th has 8 beautiful papers and 39 unique elements.
I was inspired by my recent holiday to Mykonos, the island is filled with beautiful white houses with blue windows and doors. The sea is clear, the sky is blue and of course the pelican roams around the town!














These are the papers.


Here are some pages created with this kit.

A page of my Sister in Law Caroline and Me.


A page by Lisa.


A page by Tammy.


Another page by me.


A page by Robyn.

This page is by Jenni.

A page by Vick.

A kite surfer.

I’ve made an exclusive alpha for my newsletter readers, it co ordinates beautifully with my mini kit.














And I also have this little cluster for you!


Happy Wednesday all!
Lou x

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The Potting Shed Seed-Packet Box

Being as it was a NSD ‘weekender’ I thought I would find a little time to do a bit of crafting.

My sister has the most idyllic allotment where she grows her own vegetables and in between the rows of vegetables, she grows flowers for the vase. On her allotment she also has a greenhouse, a tool shed and a larger shed which has double doors and faces onto a tiny garden next to a stream, in this shed she has a little stove and a settee and her books, in between gardening she makes tea and shares bacon sandwiches with other allotment owners! This is her little piece of heaven.

I decided to make her a Seed-Packet box for her little shed.


Tools that you will need.

  • printer
  • matt photo paper
  • wooden box ( a tea box would be ideal)
  • pva glue
  • cutting board, scissors
  • stamping ink
  • embellishments

Firstly you need to measure your box dimensions, do the box base and lid separately. Use either inches or centimetres. I use cm and always reduce the length by 1millimetre on each side, top and bottom.

My box base measured at 17cm x 5cm for the front and back of the base and 12cm x 5 cm on sides. So therefore I wrote down my printing measurement as 16.8 x 4.8cm and 11.8 x 4.8cm.

Do the same for the lid measurement.

Now for the top of the lid, if you have a glass top that’s a little more trickier. Measure as you would for a normal wooden top, mine measured at 16cm x 11cm, that’s because it has a bevelled top, I did not reduce the top by 1mm each side because of that.

In your scrapbooking programme ( I use Photoshop) use your new measurements to create little pages for your artwork.


In Photoshop, work on the two longest sides of your box base and lid first, decide how you want them to look and flatten the image. I use my patterned paper number 1 and Wendy’s paper number 4 for my project.


Now drag these images on to the other two smaller sizes you have.

The next step is to get these on another paper for printing. I worked in inches this time 8in x11in and at 300ppi like the box sides. I also added Wendy’s labels to the sides of the lid.


Now the top of the lid.

I used Wendy’s paper no4 for the top and reduced to a size I wanted to work with.

if you do not have a glass top, you can add more digital elements to it now or later.

Here’s how I worked out my lid frame. I made a frame by measuring the width of the lid, sized the frame lengths in Photoshop as 1.4cm x 16 cm, I then place these around the edge of the paper that I have for the lid, I merged them, selected the inside and then cut away the centre of the patterned paper, make sure you are on the paper layer when you do this.

Delete the temporary grey frame and now you are left with your box frame.




I chose my bunny and foxglove to decorate the side of the box, I duplicated each element and shadowed one foxglove and one bunny and clipped to the frame.


Flatten your image and drag on to another 8 x 11 paper ready for printing.

I made a little label titled ‘Seeds’ ready to go on the finished box and also used two of Wendy’s journal cards which are perfect for the seed box.


Print your two 11 x 8 in papers on matt photo paper for the best quality in colour.

Working on the actual box.


Take off the hinges and metal clasp and keep all those little screws safe in a pot till later.

Ink the edges of your box.


Cut out all your rectangular pieces and using pva glue, paste your box and then add your paper to the lid and base sides. (use a pin to mark where the holes are on the paper ready for when adding the hinges and clasp back on to the box)


Cut out your lid frame and paste pva glue on the top of your lid, now add your paper frame.

Ink around the paper just a little to finish off the edges nicely.



Allow to dry before fastening your hinges and clasp back on.

Now your box is ready for a little more embellishment if you desire.

All you need to do now is cut out your journal cards and add these with your seed packets!



This is the perfect gift for any gardener.


The Potting Shed by LouCee Creations And Wendy Page was used for this project.

Here is a little taster of this pretty collection.


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iNSD sales and lots of freebies

Don’t we just love a good sale! and of course iNSD is the best. This weekend I have lots of great new products PU and CU for you. Grab a coffee, scroll through my post,  take a peek at my new kits, and CU Grab bags,  view eye candy from my CT, and download a few freebies!

First, A beautiful collab with Wendy Page Designs. The Potting Shed is now on sale at Digital Scrap Booking Studio and Pickleberrypop it’s so quaint, and perfect for all garden lovers. The whole collection is 62% off and the kit and other parts are 50% off during the  iNSD event



Grow_1-jenni        by Jenni


by me


by Robyn

Pickleberrypop are running their popular $2,00 event, everything in this sale are brand new never seen before products during 1st May – 4th May

Yesterday Ooh La La went live, and you can purchase this kit for $2 until Monday 4th May.            Ooh La La is a charming little treat with a fancy for French cuisine and embellishments. There are papers of intricate damask and soft, textured cardstock with hand drawn elements in patterns, dots and hearts.



by Vick


by Me

Here’s your first freebie.. an Alpha to co-ordinate with Ooh La La



Today Txt Me is in store for $2! Txt Me! Is filled with fun stuff from word bubbles to your own phone and super papers in solids and patterns to scrap those phone photos or hilarious auto corrected texts that end up so terribly wrong.



by Lisa


by Robyn


by Jenni

Here’s freebie number 2! again made by CT artiste Robyn.


Be sure to check the Pickleberrypop shop for 2 more new kits Sunday and Monday!



Ready for freebie number 3? this one is good for Commercial Use! but first let me show you my two gorgeous grab bags I have in my SugarHillCo shop.

Jill of Jilberts Bits of Bytes and I have done yet another Vintage CU Bag and it’s packed with quality products to assist you in your design. It also includes a FREE bonus pack of brushes.


Full set of previews in store!

Bag number 2 is with my very dear friend and fellow designer Manu Scraps. This too has a FREE bonus pack… all previews are shown in store.



Welcome to our annual iNSD blog Hop, you should have come from Scotty Girl Design and your next stop will be Mommyish

Here’s my freebie for you, I hope you like them.


Freebie number 4!  yesterday I put this cute little mini kit on my facebook page, you can now download here too!


I hope you are enjoying iNSD.. I’m off to do a little shopping myself and hoping to get a little crafting in today too! Bye for now.

Lou x

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What’s Fifi up to?

Will she find out when OohLaLa goes on sale at Pickleberrypop…. let’s see shall we!


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iNSD is nearing

And isn’t it exciting, it’s a great time to get in to a new hobby, I will have lots of stunning new products in my stores, HUGE sales and digital scrapbooking freebies! book mark this page for the latest news!


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